When I was a newbie I asked my mentor

“how do I market online”

his answer was


“Ask the intelligent questions!”

So here we go……….these are the questions you should ask.

Am I a Tortoise or a Hare?

In other words am I going to pay for my marketing or am I going to use
free methods?

Paying (the Hare route) for your marketing is by far the quickest but so many people come into the online business industry because they have no money………and stragely enough they want to make money the fastest way possible!

Free methods (the Tortoise route)  take a great deal of time to set up and monitor and the results come in so slowly most people give up before they get any real results.  However,   you do learn a lot of skills doing the free methods which stand you in good stead as an online marketer.

You will pay for your free marketing with your time so in reality there is no such things as free.  It can be a slow painful grind if that is all you are relying on.   As for paid advertising, there is a very wide variety of markets you can tap into,    Some much less expensive than others.  You can do solo ads for as little as $7.50 but you can also pay $700 or even several thousand.

TIP:   Always start any paid advertising in a small way.    Test first and see your results and only scale up if the results show it is worthwhile.


Where Do I Find Traffic?

Go to Google or YouTube and type in “How To Get Traffic To My Website”
Check out the date of the article or video and make sure it is relevant………less than 1 year old as “things” change on the internet rapidly.

When I first started online I would hear people say traffic is easy.   There’s plenty of traffic. Traffic is never a problem.   It used to frustrate me so much as I never seemed to be able to attract much.  But yes there are milions of people online!

So How Do I Tap Into All Those People Online?

Well if you are a Tortoise you will tap into all the Social Media sites and set up a profile and page so people can get to know you and see if they resonate with you.  Even if you are a Hare you should do this because guess what……..even if you pay for your advertising people want to check you out on Social Media to see what you stand for, what your values are so they can decide whether or not to join you. People join people.    This is a simple fact of the online industry.

Follow the instuctions on the articles/videos you resonate with in Google or YouTube.   Stick with one method until you master it before moving onto another method.  You cannot judge the results from one method until you have tried it several times.

How Do I Track My Results?

There are quite a few tracking platforms out there you can research but the one I have found to be the most accurate and favoured by many top marketers online is ClickMagick.   They are reliable and have an amazing amount of helpful information in the way of training artices and videos.  You can soon make yourself a master marketer just through their training alone.  You will learn how to disguise any affiliate link or product with your own domain name. (In other words, protect your affiliate link and differentiate yourself from others)  You will learn about split testing and rotators and how to use pixels.    All the skills needed to be a top marketer online.

Now that you have some results to look at, ask yourself…….

Is My Marketing Message Working?

If Not Why Not?

Am I Marketing To The Right Crowd?’

Don’t play Blind Man’s Bluff.    I remember playing this as a child?   Having the handkerchief tied over my eyes, being spun round and round and the lights being turned down so I was both giddy and could not see,   Then trying to reach out and grab someone with only the squeals of the others taking part to guide me where to find them,   I fell over furniture and crashed into walls,    Much like marketing online when you don’t know what you are doing and who you are marketing to…..lol!

If you don’t have a target audience, a niche market but are trying to advertise to everyone, then you are playing Blind Man’s Bluff,   You will never succeed with your marketintg with this strategy.  And if you are a Hare and using the paid methods you are literally pouring money down the drain.

Here is a website that will help you find your target market  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-research-and-locate-your-audience-using-social-media/

There are others you can research on Google/YouTube.

More questions to ask yoursef.

What Is My Message Actually Saying?

Is My Message Highlighting Their Problem That I Have The Solution For?

What Makes People Respond To An Advertising Message?

People only respond to a message that offers a solution to a problem they aready have.    If they feel your message could help them solve their problem they will be willing to take a look. Therefore, grabbing their attention with your headline then offering a great solution should always be the heart of your advertisment/marketing message.

This is just the first step in getting a person into your marketing funnel.  If your marketing funnel is set up correctly for massive results the people coming into your funnel will end up on your autoresponder list.    You now have people on a list you can develop a relationship with so they get to know, like and trust you and eventually buy from you.


More questions…….

How Full Is My Marketing Pipeline?

Am I Filling My Pipeline With A Spoon Or A Spade?

Even if you are a Hare and using paid marketing, how often are you putting marketing campaigns into your marketing pipeine?   This needs to be a daily activity in order for you to keep it full.  Imagine if you were trying to fill a bucket with sand and you only had a  spoon instead of a spade.  How long do you think it would take you to fill that bucket?  It will take you a long time to fill your bucket.   Just like it will take you a long time to get any results if you only use the small (free) ways of marketing or the low cost ones. (Which are not always the highest quality traffic)   This is why using the Hare (paid) route  and the Tortoise (free) route combined is the best method to use.   That way you have a better chance of filling up your pipeline and keeping it full all the time which is the secret to having leads coming in every day.

When I first started working online I kept hearing peope say “take massive action”.    I really had no idea exactly what that meant as the word massive can be interpreted differently.  So here’s how you can measure your “massive action”    Ask yourself…..

How Many Leads A Day Do I Need To Generate?

Ideally for your business to be successful, 100 leads per day.     That can be overwheming to start with.   One of my mentors once said to me…….pick a number you are comfortable with …….say 5 or 10 or 12.    Shoot for that on a daily basis,    When you have mastered that number, double it by doubling the amount of marketing activity you are doing.   You will then start building momentum and building towards 100 leads a day,     This same mentor said to me, when you reach 100 leads a day,  game over!

The above is a very basic outline of How Do I Market Online.

For real success for your online business you need to

Master Traffic
Build infuence through communication
Have a secure proven system in place

These are the 3 building blocks required.

If you have enjoyed “How Do I Market Online” you may like to know
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