If you’re looking for a way to become more successful in your personal or business life, try modeling your activities and beliefs after “High Achievers”. These are people who have an unwavering determination for success and have implemented strategies to get what they want.

1. High Achievers expectations:

– Solve problems that no one else can because they are driven towards                success
– Bring value to their project and inspire others to work at their maximum          potential
– Get what they want, because they feel limitless in their skills and abilities

2. High Achievers beliefs:

– They have confidence in themselves and speak with moral authority
– They are self-empowered because they know they are a valuable                        contributor
– They have tremendous conviction in their skills and abilities to find a              solution

3. High Achievers positive attitude:

– They are in command of their life
– They do not complain
– They are constantly pushing themselves towards self-improvement

4. High Achievers goals:

– Have a strategy in place to reach their end goal
– Have established routines so they are not distracted or taken off track
– List their goals for the next day, written at the end of their current work day

5. High Achievers mindset:

– Make their own opportunities and are responsible for their end results
– Have a natural instinct for problem solving and the resolve to find answers
– View failure as another chance for success, just a bump in the road

6. High Achievers traits:

– Are highly optimistic and confident in their knowledge, skills and abilities
– Have great passion and initiative to motivate others to be the best they can    be
– Are willing to work outside their comfort zone and strive for excellence

7. High Achievers habits :

– They are early risers with morning routines that include exercise and              healthy eating.
– They know the importance of balance in life in order to replenish their             mind and body
– They are always expanding on what they know and don’t know.

8. High Achievers behaviors:

– They focus on the 2% of their activities that give them 98% of their results.
– They have long-term focus and a consistent method for managing difficult     projects
– They value hard work, are intensely competitive, bring their visions to               fruition .
– They play the “long game”