So How Do You Create Abundance?

It’s very interesting how so many people settle for what life throws
at them.

But sometimes it’s what life throws at you that wakes you up.  Puts
a whole new perspective on life.

That’s what happened to me.  8 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer!


My life was turned upside down.

I had followed my passion all my life

But it had turned into a monster
and Cancer was the result.

A great lesson for me was


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My surgeon said to me  “Ann, you have to take a year off just for you”

I already knew that…..had known for some time…..but you don’t always
listen to your body….to your inner self… become so busy you ignore
that little voice inside you.

I’ve been on a new journey for the past 8 years since my operation and
feel like I am a totally different person.


I have and for the better.   I am so much happier than I have ever been.
Life does not owe me a thing.  I’ve discovered so wonderful people
and things in this fascinating world we live in and I have more things
on my bucket list than I’ve ever had before.

Life has so much more to offer us than most of us dare to think!

People do not have to stay on the treadmill of the “ordinary, average”

So often it takes something dramatic to wake people up and make them
become aware of the things they really treasure and value in life.  That’s when they start searching for more fulfilling things in their lives.  Ways to accomplish new things.  Ways to become independent of who dictates their way of living.

Live Love 7

What I’ve discovered is the 80/20 principle..  When you understand this you
realize why you are at where you are!   (More on that in another blog)

To lift yourself up out of the ordinary average and become “above average”
is very possible and very doable when you know how to access the right information.
Doors open for you when you get along side people who have done what
you want to do.  When you have the right mindset to understand how people think, who have accomplished similar goals and dreams to what you may have,  you come to realize that it is a definite possibility that you may take a similar path and accomplish your own goals and dreams.

Right now there is an opportunity for anyone who wants to lift themselves up out of the ordinary, average to do just that……achieve “above average”.

Live Love 7

The Four Percent Group has just been formed specifically for those who have an ambition to do more with their lives.  Reach for greater things. Lead a better more fulfilling life.   Leave a legacy for their children.

Already the buzz within this group is something I have never seen online before.  With the right mentorship and guidance from experienced business people who have your interests at heart it is easy to blossom and flourish into confident entrepreneurs.  When a group of people with similar visions all move forward together it is amazing what results are achieved.

The Four Percent Group is about to be launched to the public.  If you would
like any information about it, leave me a comment below or email me at


Helping people achieve their dreams is my mission.

Be Awesome!

Be Blessed!

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