Meet Ann Batten

When life throws curved balls at you, you learn from them and grow as a person. Life experience has taught me many things. As a mother of three adult sons and six grandchildren - not to mention conquering breast cancer 10 years ago and being a GPA survivor - I have much to offer.
I have a passion to help people ensure they live, love, create abundance and find joy in their lives no matter what challenges.

Life is full of opportunities but unless we have had an awareness woken inside of us we can go through life often missing the very things that will fill our inner most desires.
I believe the family unit is the corner stone of society. Society will not improve until the issues facing todays families are addressed.

Why I Do What I Do

My Mission is to inspire people to actually create for themselves the joy and abundance in their lives that so many just dream about.

Life is way too short. Reach for above average now!

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Helping Others Breakthrough Is The Ultimate Reward

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